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OA News: April 30, 2010
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Various stories from the past couple of days

OA News: April 27, 2010
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Zimbabwe ICT bill a work in progress, universal access, Tanzanian Internet outage

OA News: April 27, 2010
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Reasons for Francophone Africa’s ICT lag, Korea and World Bank sign contract

Article Summary: “Namibia at 20”
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Article Summary: “Namibia at 20”

There has been great activity in light of Namibia’s 20th year of independence from South Africa. Last month, the nation officially celebrated the event with government gatherings, exhibitions, lectures, and television programs. Many individuals, including the Founding President, the editor of The Namibian, the Deputy Minister of ICT, and various …

OA News: April 20-22, 2010
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12 stories from the past 3 days: Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe, SA

Timeline: Microsoft in Africa, 1992-Present
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Timeline: Microsoft in Africa, 1992-Present

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The interactive timeline above lists the vast majority of Microsoft’s actions on the African continent. The shift from South Africa to other nations is apparent in recent years, as are the efforts to combat piracy and defend the practice of licensing. Click on a title to view …