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OA News: October 28-29, 2011
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What local means for Kenyan users {Business Daily}
Coast Airports to Gain Internet Services {AngolaPress via allAfrica}
The Kuyu Project Goes to Ghana! {ICT Works}
Technology and social transformation {The Saudi Gazette}
Namibia battles Africa’s blogging giants {Windhoek Observer}
Carrabec students connect with kids in Cameroon {Morning Sentinel}
No, the Zimbabwe government and Apple are …

OA News: October 20-27, 2011
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October 26

Africa: 84 million mobile devices are Internet enabled {IT News Africa}
Samsung launches solar-powered internet schools in Africa {TelecomPaper}
Angola engaged in broad band expansion {AngolaPress}
eLearning and sustainable development: perspectives from Benin {eLearning Africa}
Information Africa: Reducing dependency on foreign ICT consultants in Ghana {VC4Africa}
E-commerce blow to Kenya as Kalahari site shuts …

3G available in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)
October 26, 2011 ♦ No Comment

The title of this video from ABN is misleading – 3G service has been launched for the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) and not for the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Last month, we mentioned that Bharti Airtel had plans to roll-out 3G services in seven African nations. Well, that day has …

Inside the ubiquitous broadband-GDP stat
October 24, 2011 ♦ No Comment
Inside the ubiquitous broadband-GDP stat

How many times have you read that a 10% increase in broadband penetration brings a 1.4% boost to GDP in developing nations? Ever wonder where that # comes from?

OA News: October 18-19, 2011
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iHub research, promising times for Ivory Coast broadband, upcoming G-South Africa, Liberia election map, Steve Jobs & Nigeria, Cairo tech, Google Trader for Kenya, Zimpost cafes

Tech nationalism walks a fine line
October 19, 2011 ♦ No Comment
Tech nationalism walks a fine line

Fill in the blank: _____ will be the next Silicon Valley. _____ is Africa’s greatest ICT hub. As it turns out, there’s a massive difference between being Africa’s ICT hub versus a region’s ICT hub. The key is to think in the relative – not in the absolute.