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African Tech Tidbits: all sorts of mobile, terrorism, elephants, and more
January 31, 2012 ♦ No Comment

On our mind this January 31st, 2012 are a range of themes – from the changing Internet cafe demographic to Wikipedia to mobile platforms.

OA News: January 24-29, 2012
January 29, 2012 ♦ No Comment

Sierra Leone’s transparency portal, SA targets corruption using new media, mobile begins to negatively impact Internet cafe business, ACE cable brings hope to Liberia, start-ups urged in Zimbabwe, Egyptian protests one year later, terrorists use the Internet in Algeria and Nigeria

Facebook user growth rates in Africa (June 2010 – December 2011)
January 28, 2012 ♦ 5 Comments

Facebook adoption in Africa, although rapidly spreading at the moment, is starting to slow in more developmentally-advanced countries. Even if Facebook user growth rates settle at 25% annually, it could be ten years until Kenya boasts 30% of the population on Facebook.

The importance of accurate Internet user data
January 27, 2012 ♦ One Comment

ITU Internet numbers are rightfully authoritative and grab the attention of the public, but they should be used with care. Instead, consider citing local data.

OA News: January 17-23, 2012
January 23, 2012 ♦ No Comment

Ambitious broadband policy for Mauritius, Internet training in Mali, Mozambique eyes e-government, opinions on social media in Kenya/Nigeria/Rwanda, “3.75G” for Ghana & Zambia, broadband costs, and more!

Public access to ICTs in Ghana
January 20, 2012 ♦ One Comment

Recently, the Global Impact Study, a five-year study researching how libraries, telecentres, and cybercafes make a difference, released its first working paper. Ghana is one of the five nations surveyed.