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OA News: March 28-31, 2012
March 31, 2012 ♦ One Comment

Bi-weekly African ICT news roundup, featuring stories from Rwanda, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Seychelles, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Libya, Mozambique, Cameroon, and more.

Mixed momentum behind national ICT planning
March 29, 2012 ♦ 2 Comments

ICT plans are easy to discuss, but are hard to implement.

Local content in Africa, three ways
March 29, 2012 ♦ Comments Off on Local content in Africa, three ways
Local content in Africa, three ways

Relatively little local content exists from Africa. This trend can be seen via uploads to Flickr, Google, and Wikipedia.

MTN Sudan explains high-speed broadband
March 28, 2012 ♦ Comments Off on MTN Sudan explains high-speed broadband

How fast is high-speed broadband? MTN Sudan provides an excellent definition.

Wikipedia still needs more African editors
March 28, 2012 ♦ One Comment

Comparing data from December 2011 with numbers from October 2010, we find that more editors are needed for 42 languages spoken in Africa.

OA News: March 22-27, 2012
March 27, 2012 ♦ 2 Comments

Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Mali, Somalia, Angola, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Chad, Uganda, Swaziland, Zambia, Egypt, Cameroon