External Articles

On this page we have gathered links to a large number of external articles written on the subject of the African Internet. Some are current and most are historical, but each article provides a better idea of Africa’s path toward the Internet age and onward. The 550+ articles, publications, studies, presentations, reports, and summaries are grouped into 7 categories and are sorted in reverse chronological order. Again, this is not a directory of oAfrica site posts, but is a collection of links to external sources that provide information relating to Africa’s ICT growth.

Click a title to browse by subject:

Growth (how Africa is enhancing its networks) – 42

Status Reports (historical and current) – 73

Education – 50

ICT Policy – 68

Mobile (phone and web) – 78

General – 70

Books – 55

Angola-Ethiopia – 101

Gabon-Mozambique – 98

Namibia-Sudan – 97

Tanzania-Zimbabwe – 59

The site news archives are a useful resource as well.