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Burkina Faso:

  • “Bet on Complementarity,” Inoussa Maiga, ABJCA, Nov 8, 2013. {Communication Initiative}
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Cape Verde:

  • “The Internet in a Lusophone LDC: Cape Verde Case Study,” Evora-Sagna, Gray, and Minges, Nov 2002. {}

Central African Republic:

  • “Using SMS to Reach Schools in Five Minutes in a Conflict-Affected Country,” Ye Ra Kim, UNICEF, June 9, 2015. {UNICEF}


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Cote d’Ivoire:

  • “Yasmina Ouégnin: A strong “NO” that leads to a stronger “YES” for women’s rights,” Nenna Nwakanma, GISWatch, 2013. {GISWatch}
  • “ICT and Telecom Sector in Côte d’Ivoire: Analysis of Telecom and ICT Sector,”, Feb 27, 2012. {Marcopolis}
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Dem. Rep. of the Congo:

  • “Online violation of women’s rights,” Francoise Mukuku, GISWatch, 2013. {GISWatch}
  • “How Internet and Mobile Help Journalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Marie-Soleil Frere, Open Society Foundations, Apr 22, 2013. {OSF}
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Equatorial Guinea:

  • “Few, but Strong Virtual Voices,” Ana Lúcia Sá, GlobalVoices, Apr 15, 2011. {GlobalVoices}


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