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Libyans on Twitter show negative sentiment for quality of LTT Internet services

March 10, 2013  »  BroadbandNo Comment

Positivity is good, but week after week as we compile news summaries from each country, we come across an abundance of complaints of poor Libyan Internet service. In 2011 and 2012, such gripes had to do with damaged Libya Telecom & Technology infrastructure. It seems if little has improved with LTT’s quality of service.

Now, well over a year after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime, the reports of slow and unreliable Libyan Internet service remain common. Perhaps there are more users online to complain and maybe there is less fear of speaking one’s voice these days. Still, the negative sentiment is consistent and we have yet to see LTT mentioned in a positive light on social media (although LTT does release promising announcements from time to time, like a goal of nationwide WiMAX coverage by August 2013). The government, in turn, has often mentioned plans to liberalize the telecoms sector.

These tweets from the past four days represent about half the English-language complaints containing the term “libya internet” (March 7-10, 2013):

Lastly, a joke about LTT promising reception but a customer finding none:

To Libya’s credit, the government is working to privatize the telecommunications sector. International investors have been preparing to enter the market for almost a year. What’s more, the Libyan Government is seeking public relations support for its attempts to liberalize the country’s telecoms and internet industries. Expect services to rapidly improve once competition exists, but that may not be until 2014.

Update: LTT has given an interview with The Tripoli Post explaining their challenges and how the company plans to improve service.

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