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Video: Broadband Africa – A Digital Highway to Rural Tanzania

January 19, 2014  »  Broadband & VideoOne Comment

Access to broadband internet has been costly and cumbersome in Tanzania, but things are changing.

Released online last year, the documentary “Broad Band Africa” shows the perspective that people in rural areas of Tanzania have on the use of ICT. The 18-minute film aptly shows different pilot projects and describes the national ICT policy of the country. Throughout its entirely, the movie expresses the urge that people feel for ICT as a tool to improve their quality of living. Especially notable are the the young people in rural areas who want to be able to access to the Internet and get the knowledge needed to prepare themselves for a better future.

The movie was screened at the Spider Center located in the Technical University of Stockholm where it sparked an engaged discussion of the current situation in Tanzania. Although the video was made for educational purposes it can still appeal to a wider crowd.

The video production crew at ATA48┬áspent quite some time on recording and editing. For more background and reviews visit the video’s website.