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Favorite Tweets from Open Innovation Africa Summit (OIAS)

June 4, 2012  »  BusinessNo Comment

The 2nd Open Innovation Africa Summit (organized by Nokia, CapGemini and infoDev) recently ended in Kenya, but that’s not to say the discussions won’t live on. In fact, what makes OIAS2 so special is that it emphasizes the continent’s smartest minds to identify solutions to these problems. Although we were not in attendance, dozens of attendees broadcasted facts, opinions, quotes, photos, and video of the three-day event.

  • The NokiaRingaz blog provides a recap, highlighting MXit founder Alan Knott-Craig’s presentation on the challenges of monetizing a startup, how to build an engaged community, and understanding your audience.
  • Russell Southwood of Balancing Act describes a “stand-out” presentation from Yves Morieux of Boston Consulting Group on the perils of the matrix organization.
  • News outlet IT News Africa reported on presentations about funding challenges and mobile banking, in addition to creating a channel for African tech hubs and labs to better communicate.
  • oTekBits, a Nigeria-based online magazine posted  great photographic recap.
  • An African interest-based pinboard, called Mimiboard, was the most voted app by participants at the event out of over 10 mobile apps and services that were demoed.


A treasure trove of information can also be found under the #OIAS Twitter hashtag:

  • @Mwirigi Leadership sometimes means knowing when NOT to step in, let others step forward – Valerie D’Costa #OAIS
  • @Afrinnovator Nokia vp says ict/mobile is not just fancy talk it’s rapidly growing double digits even in economic turbulence #OAIS
  • @shapshak Love this: “Africa is a good place to think outside of the box” says Finnish ambassador. So true #OAIS
  • @pkukubo “22 innovation hubs across Africa. Not enough.” #OAIS
  • @TheKINU Tech Parks and other infrastructure is not enough to spark Innovation. You need the creative class to mix with the engineers. #OAIS
  • @mbuguanjihia along the lines of innovation financing there is no formula per se. alot is dependant on gut fell and interactions with innovators #oias
  • @whiteafrican Innovation is about the movement of an idea from someone’s mind to the market. It’s commercialization. #OIAS
  • @iHub The 4 themes at #OIAS: 1) Financing, 2) Mobile Society, 3) eTransformation and 4) Ecosystems for Innovation
  • @gbengasesan “We don’t have time to wait for luck in Africa. Youth need opportunity to get the 10,000 hours of practice required for innovation.” #OIAS
  • @techloy Having more women in the board room results in more efficiency in an organisation #OIAS
  • @NokiaEastAfrica Inclusion is critical for innovation – work on solutions for all levels of the pyramid #OIAS
  • @Danddana Africa’s future depends on the ability to identify and support young people who can still dream and imagine – Fred Swaniker #OIAS

And of course, the other side:

  • @RobertAlai Nokia has categorically blocked the sale of Lumia 900 to Kenyans then they want to tell you that they take Africans seriously. #OIAS

Find a complete agenda and speaker bios at Nokia Research Center.

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