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Google Remains Busy in Africa

June 5, 2011  »  BusinessOne Comment
africa day google logo

Google search logo from May 25, 2011. {}

Google continues to work on making the Internet be part of everyday life in Africa. They are serious about Africa and their strategy is simple: get users online by developing a relevant, accessible, vibrant and self-sufficient Internet ecosystem. The current focus is to strengthen the African developer community so that they can provide local innovation for Africa. Of course, the local content will naturally rely on Google’s tools.

The Google Africa Blog is a great source to hear immediate news and view a calendar of Google events on tap for Africa. From this site we can gather major events in Google’s African timeline and examine how Google is focusing its efforts. Recent major happenings include:

  • Mapping efforts have begun for Southern Sudan. Google Maps.
  • g|funze, a workshop for teaching with technology was held in late April. Google Search, Google Apps, Google Earth.
  • AdSense payments made easier for Cameroon, Senegal, and Mauritius. Google AdSense.
  • Somalia received a local Google search domain, Google Search.
  • AdSense for mobile content was made available in Nigeria as part of a global effort to add 15 nations to the program. Google AdSense.
  • A business conference in the Gambia touted Google Apps. Google Search, Google Maps, Google Apps.

Additionally, three events for developers – g-Cameroon , g-Nigeria , g-Ghana – will have occurred from late-April to late-June. g-Kenya and g-Uganda were held back in September 2010. These events use a two-day format to help both software developers and marketers. The events tout the use of Google Maps, Apps, Chrome, Trends, YouTube, Analytics, Website Optimizer, and AdSense to facilitate business. So far, these events have been limited to areas where Google has offices.

Speaking of events, Google looks busy throughout the summer:


Upcoming Google Events for SSA {G-Africa}

Lastly, Google is actively growing various teams in the African region. Google is hiring for these following locations in: East Africa (Kenya/Uganda), Francophone Africa (Senegal), Nigeria, South Africa and West/Central Africa (Ghana). There are roles open in various areas: Business Operations and Development, Engineering Operations and Management, Legal & Public Policy, Marketing and Communications and Sales.