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It’s a busy start to April for Nigeria’s telecoms scene

April 9, 2013  »  BusinessOne Comment

Nigeria is a huge country, we normally find a steady stream of technology news coming out of Lagos. In the past week though, we’ve found an unusually high number of promising stories. Here are ten that stood out:

  1. Glo, the second most popular wireless operator (21% market share vs. MTN’s 42%), is upgrading its network. Expect 2G and 3G optimization, plus better integration with international capacity. the company is also about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
  2. Airtel Nigeria has been recognized as a pioneering operator of 3.75G networking. The trailblazing has resulted in innovative value offerings.
  3. Ambiom Wireless, a new Nigerian ISP, has just started services in Lagos.
  4. E-learning is finally getting the attention it deserves. A variety of influential ICT stakeholders recently gathered to brainstorm how e-learning initiatives can benefit the country.
  5. The government has a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track ICT progress. They include: 98% mobile teledensity by 2015, 42% of the population with Internet access by 2015, a 50% reduction in broadband subscription cost, and 5.0 MB/s broadband speed by 2015. Mobile money and e-government services are also expected to rapidly increase.
  6. Co-Creation Hub in Lagos may partner with Tecno Nigeria, a mobile device company with 20% market share.
  7. Airtel Nigeria has introduced “WhatsApp” data application packages to its subscribers.
  8. Main One Cable Company expects to capture at least 30% of the enterprise and wholesale marketplace within the next five years. The company has cut wholesale broadband prices by 80% since launching in 2010.
  9. A call for local Nigerian online content is gaining steam. Currently, there are only 350 indigenous ICT companies operating in Nigeria. The government’s role will be to help create demand for Nigerian content. A campaign to encourage .ng domain usage is underway. Private enterprise is needed to contribute to economic growth as well.
  10. New rules released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) now allow the government to revoke the operating license of any phone company that violates the promotions and lotteries law. Internet connection speeds need to be clearly stated, for one.
  11. MTN Nigeria has just announced a cloud brokerage service targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  12. Etisalat Nigeria launched a metro fibre network in Abuja.

The Airtel Nigeria homepage says it all: 3.75G, a new NCC directive, and a new WhatsApp package. {Airtel}

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