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SpryAds, a Zimbabwean ad network, is poised to bring African advertising to a new level

May 6, 2013  »  Business2 Comments

Once upon a time, we asked why Africa didn’t have more indigenous ad networks. Three years later, we can count multiple African ad networks serving African publishers. Media fragmentation in the region remains a major challenge for advertisers, but new businesses are bringing organization to the space.

The online ad network isn’t necessarily an innovate idea, but it is a proven idea that can serve a growing African market. The idea is simple: advertisers can pay to serve ads on targeted sites and publishers can get paid to display them. The platform, for its duties, retains a percentage of the cost for each ad served.

Google occupies a huge share of the global ad network market, but has difficulty targeting developing regions like Africa. Kudzai Tuso of Teqno Magazine aptly explains how African publishers rely on random ads to attempt to generate revenue, saying:

Some of the most respectable websites in Zimbabwe seem to have them, yet, they remain highly irrelevant; Ads meant for Tokyo on a website with local Zimbabwean content.”

SpryAds is a new African ad network poised to encourage African participation in digital marketing. There are now dozens of influential domestic publishers in every African country. Greater numbers of African advertisers are understanding the benefits of digital marketing. SpryAds solves the equation.

Founded by Richard Nyasha Kaseke, SpryAds hopes to bring relevant ad content to African websites. Not only can SpryAds clean up the appearance of African sites (that all too often rely on non-targeted Google ads), but the platform can bring the African digital advertising business to a new level of engagement.


Click to enlarge. {SpryAds}

The self-serve platform has all the standard abilities one would expect (fixed rate and CPM banners, text ads, and one-page campaigns). In addition, SpryAds has a super-easy-to-use user interface, with solid reporting to boot.

SpryAds recently completed the first version of their web app amid much success. Current publishers (all in Zimbabwe) include: TechZim, BusinessWise, Creative Loop, Elizabeth Savoy, Technews, and Teqno Magazine. Payments, often a pain point in many African countries, will be done via credit card (although more options will likely be available in the future).

Of course, SpryAds is still working hard to improve the ad network and it’s not too late for an early preview. Early adopters and Beta testers can head over to the SpryAds homepage to request an invite.

P.S. Also check out @spryads on Twitter and the SpryAds pitch and business plan on VC4Africa.

  • seb

    the question is here, do they have a global african coverage or just zw ?
    who are the oether african networks available through the adexchanges ?

  • Their coverage has been heavily ZW but they should be expanding to a broader audience.

    AdsBrook also offers a uniquely African ad network that we enjoy: