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VC4Africa incubator group representation low in Central Africa, Sahel, Horn

April 24, 2011  »  BusinessNo Comment

Millions of entrepreneurs building innovative companies across the continent that serve to redefine Africa and lead it into the 21st century. To lead the charge in establishing the continent as a dynamic and creative hotbed for innovation and social development tapping into limitless potential. – “The Vision”, is an active community that aims to connect entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, groups focused on incubating start-ups exist for 26 African nations. And, even the smallest groups have 30+ members. However, half of African nations lack substantial representation on It’s not the site’s fault (Ben, the founder, welcomes requests for incubators), but rather the economic situation and/or business environment in these developing nations.

vc4africa country groups

Nations highlighted orange have incubator groups on Those in gray do not yet.

Not surprisingly, there are no groups for many Central, Sahel, and Horn of Africa nations. Internet access is undoubtedly hard to come by in these areas, but one would imagine that any entrepreneur who makes it online would receive substantial interest from the VC community – even if a project isn’t quite on par to receive funding. Innovation takes trial and error and it would be great to see what types of ideas are bubbling up from under-represented nations.

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