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Barcamp Nairobi 2013 discusses Kenya’s tech future

August 24, 2013  »  City ProfilesNo Comment

Barcamp Nairobi 2013 was held on August 24th to plan the next 50 years of Kenyan tech. Of course, no one can predict where tech will stand even twenty years down the road. With that caveat in mind, the Barcamp strove to visualize the future and put Kenya in good position to face challenges as they arrive. Conversation is a must. Developers even got to try out Google Glass!


Since #barcampNBI ended up being a top trend in Kenya, there are too many tweets to sift through. Instead, we’ve done a quick scan of the official @barcampnairobi account which feverishly posted during the event.

Participants chose certain themes to discuss:

The importance of e-learning as an efficient means of acquiring knowledge:

Mombasa has an up-and-coming tech community:

Outside of Nairobi there is less emphasis on tech (apart from Mombasa):

Data security is crucial (lots of talk about this one) and action is needed:

With all of the free Wi-Fi talk of late, how secure are these access points?

iOS devices have at best a 0.5% market share:

Government’s role is critical in the next 50 years:

Keep progress simple and don’t aim too high. With time even small projects will amount to something useful:

PPPs are crucial and need to be more than just rhetoric:

Too often forgotten:

There needs to be better guidance around the concept of local content and content creation. The subject often comes up at development events, but what type of content do consumers truly want? And how can it be made profitable for entrepreneurs over the next 50 years especially as international competition remains a factor?

P.S. Barcamp sponsors included Internet Society and Linux Professional Institute; Hosts were iHub, m:lab, Skunkworks, and Nailab

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