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A growing number of programs support young African women interested in technology

October 11, 2012  »  EducationOne Comment

Old perspectives are giving way to the reality that girls and women can realize great potential from ICTs. In honor of International Day of the Girl, we’ve decided to highlight recent programs that support young African women interested in technology. The African ICT space is still dominated by males, but that is rapidly changing thanks to the efforts of dozens of organizations and people. Girls in need of tech-inclined role models are now able to find them in most large African cities.

Today, at least two Day of the Girl events in Africa (Algeria and South Africa) will focus on the role of technology. Many others will discuss the importance of a fair education. In fact, there will be nearly 100 events across Africa:

Within the past year we’ve noted the following initiatives to encourage African girls’ participation in tech:

Please add any initiatives we missed in the comments.

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