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eLearning Africa conference to focus on ‘tradition, change, and innovation’

April 14, 2013  »  EducationNo Comment

eLearning is not only big business for Africa; it is also having a dramatic effect on education throughout the continent. Even better, Africa is not just an end user of new products but a creator as well. An African tech boom has already arrived in many countries and is just around the corner for many more.

The eLearning Africa conference, now in its 8th year, aims to set the tone for African e-learning efforts.


New technologies combined with a pioneering spirit to improve lives are already changing the way we learn, work, play, think and imagine.” – eLearning Africa

For eight years now, eLA has held a conference for education professionals, investors, and providers in Africa. This year’s edition of the eLearning Africa conference will take place from May 29-31 in Windhoek and will deal with the subject of “tradition, change and innovation”. Over 300 speakers will share their expertise on all facets of ICT in education.

In brief, eLearning Africa is:

  • Africa’s largest capacity development event for the integration of ICT in education (over 1500 attendees from 90 countries with 80% coming from Africa)
  • a place for decision makers to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts
  • held in a different country each year in cooperation with the Ministries of Education, IT, or Infrastructure of the host nation (in this case Namibia’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of ICT)
  • a chance for international suppliers to demonstrate products and services

Sub-themes of the conference are:

  1. The present: innovation and learning under the African sky
  2. The past: Africa’s rich learning traditions and legacies
  3. The future of learning in Africa

Open for discussion are a handful of exciting issues like:

  • African MOOCs
  • eLearning in refugee contexts
  • technology’s role in preserving oral traditions
  • imaginative solutions to lack of broadband access

A full program will be available online by April 19th. To find out more information about eLA, head over to the News Portal or social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

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