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FOSI highlights online safety and ICT initiatives taking place throughout Africa

February 9, 2013  »  EducationNo Comment

Safer Internet Day 2013, organized by the Insafe network, was held on February 5th. The themes for the day? ‘Online rights and responsibilities’ and ‘Connecting with respect’. At least 11 African nations held activities and events.



What’s more, the¬†Family Online Safety Institute Global Resource and Information Directory (long name!) recently compiled an elaborate database of online safety developments and amazingly has information from all 55 African countries. The organization celebrated Safer Internet Day by releasing an Afrocentric infographic on digital Africa. Using ten sources (including ITU, GSMA), the visual highlights continent-wide mobile Internet trends along with stats online safety initiatives.

Outstanding online safety initiatives:

  • NEPAD e-Africa Commission: e-Schools Initiatives
  • France Telecom – Orange ACE submarine cable
  • Map Kibera
  • Microsoft Internet Safety, Security, and Privacy Intiaitive
  • Child Internet Safety and Security Awareness Program, Microsoft East Africa and The Cradle (Children’s Foundation)

Africa Stats:

  • 7% of the world’s total Internet users
  • 41% mobile broadband growth per year

Sub-Saharan Africa Stats:

  • 50% mobile Internet coverage (not usage though)
  • 50 mobile money initiatives as of 2011
  • 60% of Kenyans used mobile money in 2011
  • South Africa is the 15th largest telecoms market in the world (as of 2012)

Page 2 of ‘Celebrate Digital Africa!’ infographic. Click to enlarge. {FOSI}

The stats/initiatives listed above are only the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to visit the GRID Africa Edition for detailed country-level information.


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