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Fostering interest in robotics for African youth

May 3, 2013  »  EducationNo Comment

Robotics are a key factor in enhancing industry, fostering scientific innovation, and ultimately, boosting GDP and increasing the quality of African life.

A new robotics platform is poised to attract young engineering enthusiasts in Africa to pursue robotics.

Junior Robotics, an EXPO21XX online exhibition, spotlights all things robotics for kids. The exhibit showcases a variety of robotics projects happening in the K-12 scene, but also touts robotics teams, university programs, businesses, and events.


The Junior Robotics e-Hall. {EXPO21XX}

Certain barriers in delivering technology and education must be removed before robotics can become widespread in African studies. Accordingly, no African project is yet on the platform, but that will soon change once African students become more exposed to the hands-on nature of robotics. What’s more, the availability of platforms like┬áJunior Robotics to schoolkids is certain to advance the innate creativity that kids already have. After all, what kid hasn’t experimented building a contraption with random bits of junk?

Collaborating with EXPO21XX are youth groups such as Best, S.P.A.R.K., US National Robotics Week, Robotix, Roboteka, T’N’T, and others. For the latest news about the Junior Robotics platform, go here. For even more information about how robotics is becoming more popular in Africa, check out our 2012 post on the Universities Robotics platform.

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