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Girls in ICT Day events to be held in 16 African countries

April 12, 2013  »  EducationNo Comment

In 2012, many African nations celebrated International Girls In ICT Day. We counted 13 official events in Sub-Saharan Africa (Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Swaziland, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, The Gambia, and Tanzania). On April 25, International Girls in ICT Day will again be held the world over. The initiative, launched by the ITU with the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of involving girls in ICT fields, aims to promote the benefits that ICT careers may offer. At least 16 African nations will participate in 2013.



Once again, a variety of African tech stakeholders will sponsor dedicated events for girls interested in ICT. So far, at least sixteen African countries will hold a gathering during the week of April 25th:

Cote d’Ivoire: An event will be sponsored by the NGO ‘Femmes et TIC’.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Rudi International will organize another program in Goma. Expect a training workshop and a cultural event whose themes revolve around Internet security and the Internet as a tool for development.

Egypt: Cisco offices in Cairo will have a live connection to events in Morocco and Jordan.

The Gambia: The Information Technology Association Of The Gambia (ITAG) held an event at the American Corner, Comium building. A variety of high level stakeholders gave speeches.

Ghana: A conference will be held in Tamale. A celebration will be held at The College of Physicians and Surgeons. Another forum was held in Accra.

Kenya: On April 27th, AkiraChix will be hosting a Girls in ICT day event aiming at exposing young women to career opportunities available in the tech industry.

Malawi: Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), held an event at the St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School in Zomba district.

Morocco: Cisco Casablanca will hold an event.

Namibia: Telecom Namibia and Cisco Systems hosted more than 20 girls from the University of Namibia at an event at Telecom Namibia’s main offices.

Nigeria: Women in Technology in Nigeria will hold a one-day conference to discuss how to foster women’s contributions through ICT. The Chinese firm Huawei will lead tours of their Nigerian facility. Also, an event will be held at Digital Peers Intl, Abuja. Cisco Lagos will host an event. A government panel will be held for 400 participants in Lagos.

Rwanda: Girls in ICT Rwanda has organized a career fair. A video can be found on YouTube. Carnegie Mellon University – Rwanda may also be hosting an event.

Senegal: The Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Economy intends to make this day a moment of reflection, sharing, and strategic focus on the problem of girls’ digital training. A variety of panels and speeches will take place throughout the day. Cisco Dakar will hold an event.

South Africa: Anglo African Events, in partnership with HP, will host the South African Girls in ICT event on 25 April 2013 at the Focus Rooms in Sunnighill. The VSA will contribute by organising the first awarenet Open Day in Grahamstown. An event will be held at Cisco Joburg and a conference for 80 girls will be at a venue called Focus Room.

Tanzania: KINU has teamed up with TANZICT, TCRA, and CIA to organize a two-day event on 24th and 25th of April. Photos can be found on Twitter at @TheKINU.

Uganda: GirlGeekKampala will honor the day and hold a special Ruby programming session on 26th April at the Outbox Hub. A Google Hangout with AkiraChix of Kenya will be held on 27th April. Women In Tech Uganda ‏will be celebrating the day at Kyambogo College School on April 27th. Also, a panel arranged by the STEM Women Initiative and hosted at Makerere University will promote ICT careers.

Zambia: Asikana Network will be hosting the Girls in ICT Day.

Also, a webinar co-presented by Ronda Zelezny-Green will feature Kenyan and Moroccan perspectives on gender and mobile learning.

Check out ITU’s Girls in ICT Day 2013 Storify or follow #GirlsinICT for the latest info!

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