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Internet Society program continues to support diverse projects that impact underserved African communities

November 21, 2012  »  EducationOne Comment

The Internet Society has announced funding for 13 community-based Internet projects that will “enhance the Internet ecosystem in underserved communities around the world.” The Community Grants are awarded twice each year to Internet Society Chapters. Recipients receive up to US$10,000 to implement their projects. The last round of ISOC grants funded four efforts in Zimbabwe, Somalia, Mali, and Nigeria, plus two more larger African initiatives.

isoc logoOf the thirteen projects funded in this round of grants, five will address Internet growth in Africa:

  • Bring the Internet to underserved communities in South Africa
  • Offer Internet governance and standards development training in Ghana
  • Educate and train key players in the use and deployment of IPv6 in Cameroon
  • Establish Internet facilities for remote and unprivileged communities in Rwanda
  • Encourage and enable young women to enroll in technology careers in Nigeria

Applications will open again in February 2013. Additional information on the Internet Society Community Grants program is available at