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Limited emphasis on CS in Nigerian secondary schools

June 11, 2013  »  EducationOne Comment

Recently, we were asked about the prevalence of computer science training in Nigerian secondary schools. There undoubtedly is interest in CS at the secondary level, but actual teaching of this content is another story. There is little evidence supporting the notion that computer science courses, let alone computer training is common in Nigerian primary or secondary schools. Courses and degrees are offered at the university level, but to reach that point takes extra self-motivation.

Nigeria certainly needs a cohesive effort to promote computing in schools. Most of the news in 2013 involving children and IT is more about keeping youth safe online rather than teaching them actual skills. Such programs are necessary from a different angle, but teaching coding in school should be a priority too.

It’s not just Nigeria that lacks computer science programs in schools – coding is only taught to a select few high school students in the United States. Business leaders are hoping that will change, as there is a growing shortage of web developers and software engineers.

We’ve found the following facts on CS in Nigeria’s secondary schools:

Other thoughts are that heavy mobile access instead of desktops or laptops to code proves challenging. As does an emphasis on apps instead of more technical language. Also, perhaps massive open online courses (MOOCs) could help train on CS skills.

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