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Video: Connecting schools with ‘Solar Connect’

April 19, 2011  »  Education & VideoNo Comment

Thanks to Link Community Development’s Solar Connect program, rural schools across Malawi, Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda are able to access the Internet for the first time. Says LCD:

We connect schools with their district education office through a computer with 3G internet connection powered by solar panels. Teachers and headteachers can complete their administration without leaving school. That means they can spend more time teaching, and children spend more time learning.

When resources are scarce and schools are miles apart the most cost- and energy-efficient solution is solar power. Not only can the sun power a computer or two for the classroom, but it can also charge batteries and phones for the community. And, the presence of solar panels can lead to discussion on the need for sustainable energy sources for Africa. Students can also have the pleasure of teaching new friends outside the country what they are doing.

For more information, read the short PowerPoint presentation (3.7mb). Solar Connect is part funded by the European Union through the project Partners in Development.

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