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Video: Illustrating the application of e-learning in Kenya

January 18, 2012  »  Education & VideoNo Comment

These videos come fromĀ a trip to Nairobi, Kenya made by Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda. The aim is to illustrate surprising themes in the application of e-learning.

1,800 children attend Our Lady of Nazareth primary school in Nairobi. Great news, indeed, but what’s special is that all have the chance to use a computer. In fact, the teacher explains the computer lab is the only room the school never finds empty. All of the computers may be recycled (from Europe), but the students don’t seem to mind.

One girl especially likes Microsoft, the Internet, Twitter, Google, and Facebook. No surprise there!

Computers also help nurses earn full qualifications (including those at the Kibera Health Clinic, as shown in the video). 7,000 Kenyans have received a nursing diploma through e-learning in the last six years. E-learning is flexible and accessible even in remote locations and during any time of the day.

The take-away: Knowledge teaches problem solving skills which then lead to new chances. The Commissioner was overly impressed with how Kenyans are embracing technology. Her visits to the primary school, health clinic, and iHub painted a hopeful picture for what’s in store for Kenya. In fact, every primary student the Commissioner met in the computer lab imagined a career using a computer. You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar collective vision anywhere else in the world.

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