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WITIN uses technology to empower Nigerian women and children

January 29, 2013  »  EducationNo Comment

Women in Technology in Nigeria is busy opening doors for women. The non-for-profit NGO provides a diverse mix of resources to empower Nigerian women, youth, and children. Offerings include hosted events, webinars, articles, training, networking, career fairs, and contests.

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Recently, WITIN is supporting an international mobile app challenge that encourages teams of secondary school girls to develop mobile apps, conduct market research, write business plans, and create a funding pitch. Nigerian teams will compete and a national winner will then travel to California to compete globally on May 1st, 2013. Such a challenge is inspiring for any country, yet alone Nigeria, and we look forward to sharing news of the success.

Another current initiative aims to target 10,000 marginalized women for empowerment via ICT by the end of 2013. The hope is that with support, women can create online presences for their businesses. WITIN also supports International Girl in ICT Day and has participated in numerous ITU and Google events.

Other efforts include:

  • Green ICT projects
  • Sensitization of at least 250 schools on science, technology, engineering, and maths
  • Forums on ICT and child development
  • Twitter aid for women businesses

Don’t forget, International Girls in ICT Day is April 25th, 2013. At least six African countries participated last year and hopefully more will take part in 2013!

Be sure to follow @mywitin on Twitter and also check out one of their 13 YouTube videos (like the one below).

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