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East Africa and Namibia have the proper mindset

October 9, 2010  »  ICT PolicyNo Comment

Although the red of Namibia’s flag represents heroism and the people’s desire for equal opportunity, it can also be interpreted as a fiber optic cable traversing the nation. Recent news stories out of East Africa and Namibia suggest that connectivity is on the rise. More importantly, however, leaders of these areas know not to rely too heavily on technology alone.

Namibian example:

  • has great broadband momentum after gaining access to SAT-3 and SEACOM in late 2009
  • will own and operate its own cable landing and access station (WACS)
  • expresses the goal to end poverty cannot be achieved by only tech – tech is a tool to empower progress
  • sees ICTS as a tool that should build a healthier society founded on economic and social justice

Kenyan/Rwandan example:

  • ICT will kill the current inefficient systems
  • General feeling that traditional barriers have been diminished
  • Sense of expectation and chance will bring about economic transformations

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