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New book examines African cybersecurity law and regulation

December 3, 2012  »  ICT PolicyNo Comment

The rate of mobile subscriber growth in Africa is outpacing the attention given to online security. Legal and regulatory safeguards, let alone public awareness, are scarce. Still, various African governments, professionals, and scholars are beginning to shift resources to strengthen cybersecurity policy.

Few books address the complex legal and regulatory aspects of cyber security in Africa. After all, the task is daunting: the subject is dynamic and there are so many markets to cover. An author risks becoming out-of-date shortly after publication. Recently, Uchenna Jerome Orji, LL.M. took on the challenge, addressing the subject of African cybersecurity in his book, “Cybersecurity Law and Regulation“.

Cybersecurity Law and Regulation by Uchenna Jerome Orji

{Wolf Legal Publishers}

At its core, the 678-page book discusses the legal and regulatory aspects of cybersecurity. It examines multilateral regulatory and policy responses to cybersecurity as well as national responses in developed and developing countries with a special focus on Africa.

Apart from examining the African Union’s regulatory response to cybersecurity and the development of cybersecurity initiatives by various communities, the book provides an analysis of national responses to cybersecurity in 23 African countries. To tie the research together, the final chapter suggests several policy and regulatory strategies to enhance cybersecurity. Throughout, there is a emphasis on the collective responsibility of all states in preventing trans-boundary cyber harm.

Indeed, the book is meant to serve as a resource material for policy makers, regulators, law enforcement, lawyers, law students, and ICT professionals. But that doesn’t mean the general reader with interest in cybersecurity won’t find it interesting, so have a look!

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