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#OSJUBA discusses an Open Source Juba, South Sudan

June 21, 2012  »  ICT PolicyNo Comment

Open source platforms have been the talk of the developing world for some time. As Stephen Kovats of r0g media points out, “the mechanisms of the global Open Source and free culture movements can be used as an effective engines for a new form of global development practice”. But how about in Juba, South Sudan, a freshly independent nation?

A two-day conference held in Berlin aims to find ways to make Juba (and other post-conflict cities) the world’s first Open Source city. The #OSJUBA event’s mission is far from simple:

By bringing together leading developers, artists and policy makers #OSJUBA will identify and present innovative Open Source projects, platforms and methodologies that are being used to define new forms of practice, particularly in regions challenged by post-conflict reconstruction, lack of infrastructure, and poverty barring access to basic needs.”

For more information on the event (plus some interesting statistics about South Sudan), view the promotional Prezi slideshow:

P.S. Over five hours of presentations will be streamed live online. Be sure to check the #OSJUBA site for details as they come. Hopefully a future event can be held in Juba proper!

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