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Africa Android Challenge finalists look promising

May 30, 2012  »  MobileNo Comment

The six-month long Africa Android Challenge is winding down after a busy year. Developers were busy creating and submitting apps from December until March. First round winners were announced on April 30th, with one winner per country and category. Final winners will be announced on June 25th.

We’re always interested to see how developers in different African countries compare to one another. For instance, how does the skill level of an app developer in DR Congo or Mali stack up against a competitor in South Africa or Kenya? Based on the first round winners, the skill levels look surprisingly similar. And remember, the best app isn’t necessarily the one with the most bells and whistles. The core theme counts just as much as how well the app utilizes all of the Android’s features.

Africa Android Challenge

{Africa Android Challenge}

The best apps consist of an original idea that is not only relevant, but is easy to use. An app that solves a real problem is highly-esteemed.

Finalists by country include a diverse selection of themes (# submissions):

  • Nigeria (16): social mobile quiz
  • Kenya (10): jungle game
  • Tunisia (9): donation app
  • South Africa (4): parenting handbook
  • Egypt (4): n/a
  • Senegal (4): agricultural-related
  • Ghana (3): proverb
  • Togo (3): numerology app
  • Benin (2): time organization
  • Cameroon (2): mancala game
  • DR Congo (2): math app
  • Mali (2): fashion selector
  • Uganda (2): gas station locator
  • Burkina Faso (1): n/a
  • Morocco (1): an app store

Based on what limited information is available, we tend to like Tunisia’s AfriDon, Senegal’s SenAgro, South Africa’s Parent and Baby, and Uganda’s MafutaGo. See all 62 submissions and stay tuned for the winners!

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