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Nigerian mobile stats shared at NigeriaCom event

September 18, 2013  »  Broadband & MobileNo Comment

Held 16-17 September, 2013, the fourth annual NigeriaCom event has brought together hundreds of representatives from the mobile and telecoms industry. Panelists included members of Nigerian Communications Commission, Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel, and other key operators with a presence in Nigeria.

According to a press release from Com World Series (the producer of the event), Day One focused on “the challenges in infrastructure and remaining issues in network and connectivity across the country.” Popular sessions included profitability in the data era, the status of LTE, and number portability.

Also, many Nigerian mobile facts were shared via social media (#NigeriaCom):

Always worth asking:

Multiple SIMs means tricky subscription data:

QoS is a touchy subject in many West African nations:

Most mobile devices in use in Nigeria still can’t handle 3G/4G:

Greater smartphone access and more Nigerian online content are increasing data usage:

Most Nigerians still don’t have 3G coverage (and even then most devices are not able to access mobile broadband):

Growing amounts of money are being invested in Nigerian networks:

The mobile market shows 18% annual growth in SIMs (not necessarily unique subscribers):

Very interesting stats:

The BBC Hausa website has been upgraded:

Good points:

A small share of operator revenue is from data:

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