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Video: Emerging Markets South Africa

January 7, 2011  »  Mobile & VideoNo Comment

The video is the cherry on top of a three-part research process conducted by the Artefact Group, who:

  1. Partnered with a resident and expert of the hard-to-access township communities for cultural immersion
  2. Conducted in-context research with the youth and their peers, witnessing genuine interactions with each other and their phones (to understand motivation).
  3. Created a documentary-style film to convey the youths’ experiences and environment.

Perhaps the best way to learn current trends is to spend time in the field. Representatives from the Artefact Group did just that when they asked South African urban youth what they look for in a mobile device. Hopefully the project results can be made public (private business prospects spurred the endeavor).

Regardless of how the report is treated, the YouTube video description reminds us of the tendency to favor technology and overlook sociology:

This project for Artefact involved understanding how socializing via mobile phones is widespread amongst South African urban youth. Prior research has focused on the devices themselves, from feature comparisons to usage rates. The approach was to uncover business and design opportunities for our client’s next generation of social mobile applications by researching the behaviors, motivations and group dynamics that drive communication.

See more (including photos and credits) at the Artefact Group site.

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