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Video: Unlimited Internet Everywhere from Orange Uganda

June 20, 2012  »  Mobile & Video3 Comments

We stumbled across this advert for Orange Uganda’s 3G+ Internet service and were impressed with how clean the ad felt. In the clip, Orange Uganda announces uncapped, unlimited internet on congestion-free 3G+ at more places than anyone else. The target audience? You guessed it, businesses.

One year of the uncapped 3G+ goes for UG 3,049,000 (US $1,225).

  • Michael Kizito

    but the monthly unlimited internet from the same company is so slow.

  • Michael Kizito

    one cannot even get 150kbs on their net and they say its above 3.75mbs.whats the cause discussants?

  • My guess is that the network is technically capable of higher speeds, but in reality when signal strength and # of users on the network are factored in, the speeds quickly drop to the 100kbs range.

    Companies are competing for customers, so they like to advertise the highest speeds possible even though it’s a half truth.