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OA News: January 3-4, 2011

January 4, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. A report headed by IBM two years ago wrote: “If sub-Saharan Africa were scaled according to its available Internet connectivity, it would be about the size of Ireland”, along with a few other interesting tidbits:
    Africa and the digital mis-opportunity {The Nation}
  2. One-half of surveyed missionaries say the Internet enabled them stay in the field longer:
    Technology unites missionaries, families around the world {The Christian Century}
  3. The total capacity of undersea cables surrounding Africa is 1,000 times the level of 10 years ago:
    Africa’s undersea cable boom continues {Tech Central}
  4. The post-downturn increase in spending will continue into 2011:
    Internet to boost outsourcing sector {Daily Nation}
  5. A partnership with IBM will bring greater mobile broadband access along with new applications for mobile devices:
    Airtel plans transformation of African mobile market economy {Vanguard}
  6. The well-known map of African undersea cables has been updated!
    African Undersea Cables {}

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