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OA News: January 5, 2010

January 4, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. ICT may have a greater positive impact on labour and profit margins for SMEs compared to larger businesses:
    Small enterprises to reap high returns from ICT growth {Business Daily Africa}
  2. The Nigerian government strives to be ICT savvy:
    Ndukwe Urges ICT Awareness Among Civil Servants {Leadership Nigeria}
  3. Results from the recent conference:
    CTO 2009: Participants adopt PPP strategy for investment promotion in ICTs {Vanguard}
  4. Broadband is essential f or the entire Nigerian economy:
    Nigeria intensifies focus on broadband connectivity {IT News Africa}
  5. Many of these points apply to Africa:
    10 Ways the Internet Will Change in 2010 {PC World}
  6. Wireless and mobile are increasingly popular:
    Kenya risks losing ground in fixed line broadband communication {IT News Africa}
  7. ICT is to the new generation as land is to the old:
    Forget Obsession With Land – Exploit ICT Potential {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  8. The service is becoming popular in Uganda:
    Twitter in Uganda {New Vision via allAfrica}
  9. Banking scams are sometimes difficult to spot:
    Rising Cases of Scam Mails {This Day via allAfrica}
  10. Two themes will dominate events in the IT and telecoms markets in 2010; recovery and transformation:
    Things Could Not Shine Brighter for ICT Industry {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  11. Results from an InfoDev study:
    A Model for Sustainable ICT Incubators in Sub-Saharan Africa {Innovative Partners, Inc.}
  12. Tele-medicine in Kenya:
    Technology to heal a nation {The Independent}

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