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OA News: January 7, 2010

January 6, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The list is very focused on South Africa, and of course, Seacom’s arrival is the top story:
    Top 10 ICT stories that shaped 2009 {IT News Africa}
  2. Zambia’s communications network faces several obstacles to its development, including high levels of illiteracy in rural communities, an obsolete fixed line infrastructure, and lack of investment in rural areas:
    Zambia: New Initiative to Bring Cell Phones to the Countryside {TMCnet}
  3. Thoughts on Nigerian broadband in the coming year. Will Glo-1 really provide enough bandwidth for the next 15-20 years?
    Stakeholders Predict Broadband Dawn {Daily Champion via allAfrica}
  4. While the average download and upload speeds of the country improved, SA still dropped down the world rankings due to more substantial improvements made in other parts of the world:
    SA drops further down broadband rankings {}
  5. Not directly related to ICT, but interesting nonetheless:
    African Renaissance Depends on Internal Growth, Stable Governments — and Patience {Knowledge@Wharton}
  6. Cost plays a significant role:
    Satellites still popular despite fibre arrival {Business Daily Africa}
  7. Computer Aid and LinkNet have provided hundreds of computers and wireless routers for rural Zambia. The Internet has provided jobs and treated malaria:
    Independent Appeal: Connecting the middle of nowhere {The Independent}
  8. A great 66 page pdf that explains 300 different plans from 35 different South African ISPs:
    South Africa’s confusing ADSL industry {The Broadband Bible}
  9. Steve Midgley, managing director of Cisco South Africa, discusses effective broadband connectivity:
    Enablement to South African Economy {Seacom Blog}

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