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OA News: January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. India is investing in infrastructure which will in turn allow faster development of ICT. After five years, India will let Africa take over the projects:
    India funds power projects for African ICT {ComputerWorld}
  2. Another step toward digitizing Kenya’s school curriculum:
    Public-private partnerships pave way for ICT in State-run schools {Business Daily}
  3. Growth is around 15%, and the nation has finally reached the 10% penetration mark:
    South Africa’s Internet growth accelerates {}
  4. Decentralizing the university process via remote e-learning:
    Makerere University to collaborate with UTL in setting up Regional Centres {The New Vision via allAfrica}
  5. A two-year ICT course will be an option in technical and senior high schools starting in 2011:
    ICT Becomes Examinable in 2011 for SHS {Public Agenda via allAfrica}
  6. A great visual of mobile use in Africa using ITU data:
    Telecom Reach in Africa: Who’s Connected? {Intac}

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