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OA News: January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. An assortment of responses to the radical statement made by Libyan leader Gaddafi:
    Libya: Gaddafi Wages War on the Internet as Trouble Brews at Home {Global Voices}
  2. A summary of how social media contributed to the Tunisian government’s transfer of power:
    Internet Powers Tunisian Protests {VOA News}
  3. The strongest gains will be made in infrastructure:
    Africa IT spending for 2011 to increase by 10 per cent {Daily Monitor}
  4. New jobs have been created in Uganda’s ICT sector, with good pay, but also high comopetition:
    Government Wants 3,000 Youth for ICT Jobs {The New Vision via}
  5. Nigeria praises its IXP, recognizes the need to carefully regulate it, and also addresses the creation of future exchanges:
    Internet Exchange to Save Country $20 Million, Says NCC Boss {This Day via}
  6. Bringing the Silicon Valley mentality to other parts of the world means encouraging start-ups despite the high risk of failure:
    Silicon Valley Executives Seek to Invest in Talent {The East African via}

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