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OA News: January 21, 2010

January 22, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The nation has many tools to continue as innovator for the continent:
    Ghana to lead Africa in ICT development {Citi FM Online}
  2. Legislative framework, that is:
    Africa’s telecoms need framework {ITWeb}
  3. Kenya is one of the fastest growing IT nations in Africa and is in a good position to continue:
    Kenya’s new ICT software to increase employment {IT News Africa}
  4. The undersea cable has recently not been operating at 100%:
    Sat-3 sneezes, SA online catches a cold {Daily Maverick}
  5. An opinion piece on how technology makes business easier and :
    The Benefits of a Virtual World {Business Daily via allAfrica}
  6. The statistics do not look good, especially since the issue has been known for some time:
    Senate – 95 Percent of IT Infrastructure Vulnerable to Cyber Criminals {Vanguard via allAfrica}
  7. The 3,200km project should be completed on schedule in mid-2011:
    Optical Fibre Project to Respect Deadline {Cameroon Tribune via allAfrica}
  8. International telecom companies look to invest in Africa in order to avoid competition at home in saturated markets:
    Telecoms Investors ‘Still Keen On African Market’ {Business Day via allAfrica}

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