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OA News: March 5-6, 2010

March 5, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Sierra Leone will host the Commonwealth African Rural Connectivity Initiative Capacity Building Workshop next week:
    NATCOM leaps in Improving Rural Communities through ICTSs {Awoko (Sierra Leone)}
  2. Kenya is proposing a ban on all imported computers in an effort to curb e-waste:
    No more junk, pleads Ndemo {Daily Nation}
  3. Critics feel that Africans do not have time to volunteer:
    World Bank’s Online Game Isn’t a Real-World Solution, Critics Say {FOXNews}
  4. Burundi is developing its backbone with the help of the World Bank and other groups:
    Carriers Form Continent’s First National Infrastructure Consortium to Develop Fibre Backbone {Balancing Act via allAfrica}
  5. Recent ICT trainees earned a parting gift:
    ICT – Niger to Deploy 100 Units of V-Sat {Vanguard via allAfrica}
  6. Exchange rate, life cycle, supply/demand/competition:
    Hardware prices in SA: Why so high? {}

NATCOM leaps in Improving Rural Communities through ICTSs

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