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OA News: March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment

Many stories from East Africa were reported over the weekend/today, but there are others as well:

  1. The system will link terrestrial fibre from the five East Africa Community countries with the submarine cables at Mombasa and Dar es Salaam by April (maybe):
    EA Internet ‘Backhaul Ring’ Slated for April, U.S.$35 Million Needed {The East African via allAfrica}
  2. News from the ICANN conference in Nairobi. On Monday, East African nations were urged to end state-run telecommunications operations:
    US Firm Urges Affordable Internet Access for East Africa {Cellular News}
  3. Ugandan electronics dealers have complained, and the nation is realizing it may have a better way to prevent e-waste from polluting the country:
    Uganda to Review Ban On Import of Used Electronics {The East African via allAfrica}
  4. Google Maps is making headway in Africa. Daily life will become a tad more efficient as a result:
    Local Towns Now On Google Maps {The New Times via allAfrica}
  5. Much of the world is rallying around Nigeria to curb its reputation for cyber-crime:
    UK, U.S. Partner On Cyber-Crime Legislation {This Day via allAfrica}
  6. Kenya’s VP is optimistic and spoke at the ICANN convention:
    Kenya committed to ICT growth {Capital FM}
  7. 65 establishments now offer the Cisco program in South Africa:
    Cisco Launches Networking Academy at South African State Information Technology Agency {Frontier India}
  8. A recent survey confirmed what many already know: that the Internet should be treated as a human right. Africa receives some attention in the article as well:
    Internet is a fundamental human right, says world {}
  9. A look at the broadband situation in America, complete with price points:
    100Mbps broadband may be closer than you think {CNET}

Editorials, blog posts, and publications:

  1. A must read. The Internet is a very powerful tool:
    Nigeria And the Internet {This Day via allAfrica}
  2. A brief editorial on the need for privatization of ICT:
    Entrepreneurship Vital for More Vibrant ICT Sector {The New Times via allAfrica}
  3. The widely circulated blog post on Freedom Fone’s BoP strategy:
    Freedom Fone promotes information-for-all {Kiwanja}
  4. A new book published by World Bank examines the erosion of boundaries between previously separate ICT services, networks, and business practices:
    Convergence in Information and Communication Technology: Strategic and Regulatory Considerations {World Bank Publications}
  5. A newsletter from the PanAf network:
    PanAf Edu Vol. 2, N°1 on ICT research in education in Africa {ERNWACA}

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