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OA News: March 10, 2010

March 11, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. West Africa ponders the best ways to emphasize ICT education:
    ICT Unavoidable in West Africa’s Development – Ecowas Parliament {The Chronicle via allAfrica}
  2. A look at the impressive ICT programs in Sega Village, Kenya. Another example of an African businessman returning to help his native country:
    Silicon Valley in the Making Right Inside Ugenya {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  3. An opinion piece on how local businesses were under-represented at the ICANN conference in Nairobi:
    Web Summit Becomes Another Missed Chance {Business Daily via allAfrica}
  4. Ensuring the .za domain registration and dispute-resolution process is effective and fair:
    More Websites, More Problems {Biz-Community via allAfrica}
  5. The upcoming launch of the WACS cable is attracting greater investment attention:
    Tata to Capitalise on Sea Cable for Growth in Africa {Business Day via allAfrica}


  1. A lengthy country report on Botswana’s ICT progress and policies:
    Towards an Information Society in Botswana: ICT4D Country Report {NGO Pulse}
  2. A new book compares ICT developments and practices in Latin America and Africa:
    Communication Technologies in Latin America and Africa: A multidisciplinary perspective {IN3 Publications}

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