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OA News: March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The Indian company is involved in projects in all corners of the continent, including West Africa:
    Tata set to expand presence in Africa {ComputerWorld}
  2. Last year, many “hit-man scam” emails received in the U.S. were traced to West Africa:
    Internet fraud’s U.S. price tag put at $550 million {Los Angeles Times}
  3. The social networking giant plans to enter the African mobile market. The aim is to target nations with strong mobile Internet usage, but limited landlines:
    Facebook May Make Africa, Middle East Mobile Deals {BusinessWeek}
  4. ICANN will offer trademark protection and applauds Kenya as a host for the annual meeting:
    Icann creates trademark clearinghouse {V3}
  5. The plan is a good one, but the fundamental issue of school dropouts will need to be addressed. Basic school enrollment is growing, but there is not sufficient infrastructure as the secondary and tertiary levels:
    School Dropouts to Access Free Online Vocational Courses {Public Agenda via allAfrica}

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