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OA News: March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. A large sum of money has been invested since 2001. A new focus is laying 4G mobile infrastructure:
    Investment in telecoms sector hits $18bn {The Punch}
  2. A recent study shows that 83% of South African ccTLD holders are happy with their choice as opposed to having a .com:
    SA happy with {ITWeb}
  3. Security is better than ever, which will come in handy at the Internet cafe:
    Microsoft Launches IE 8 in Ethiopia {}
  4. Google Ghana is optimistic for the nation’s future use of Google technologies (why wouldn’t they be?):
    Ghana is well positioned for google products {Citi FM Online}
  5. South Africa is trying to market itself as a tech gateway to the rest of Africa:
    Broadband Growth Will See SA ‘Rival Dubai As a Hub in Africa’ {Business Day via allAfrica}
  6. Pesky hackers keep finding ways to access the Internet for free:
    Internet Service Providers in Running Battle with Hackers {Vanguard via allAfrica}

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