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OA News: March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Free land-use data from satellites is difficult to obtain in Africa, but will become easier as fiber optic cables arrive:
    Poor Internet Links Mar Region’s Satellite Data Access { via allAfrica}
  2. An interview with the African head of the ITU addresses ICT convergence:
    Digital convergence will change Africa {New Vision}
  3. Evidence supporting the claim that Kenya is becoming a global ICT hub:
    Is Kenya inching closer to being next Silicon Valley? {Business Daily}
  4. Another article claiming better broadband days are near:
    SA broadband transformation coming {Times Daily}
  5. Worst case scenario, African bot networks take over the Internet when broadband becomes readily available:
    Africa’s Cyber WMD {}
  6. One example how the Internet can link governments:
    The Rationale For Indian Telecommunications Investment In Africa {Gerson Lehrman Group}
  7. MTN has seen 140% revenue growth in Ghana over the past 3 years:
    TMTN tops world telecom operators in revenue growth {GhanaWeb}
  8. Online shopping is expected to become more popular in South Africa, especially as security concerns lessen. Currently, 77% of those with Internet access in the country shop online:
    Big ticket items snapped up online {ITWeb}

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