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OA News: March 23-25, 2011

March 26, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Kenya needs a regulated way to deploy fibre in a cost effective and efficient way using international standards:
    SEACOM calls for proper fibre policy {Capital FM}
  2. An editorial that examines how Rwanda has emerged as a tech leader since 1994 and continues to advance:
    In Rwanda the future is digital — and here {Senegambia News}
  3. A recently published whitepaper on Liberia that outlines principles for establishing a strong Internet foundation. Suggestions include piggybacking on non-telecom infrastructure investments, creating an Internet exchange point, and opening spectrum in WiMax, WiFi and TV white spaces for ISPs:
    Best practices for building Internet capacity in Liberia {Google Africa Blog}
  4. Analysis of Ethan Zuckerman’s look into how Facebook popularity of an African leader can spell trouble:
    Perhaps African Leaders Should Avoid Facebook {Fast Company}
  5. Visualizing the number of African leader Facebook fans by country:
    African Leaders on Facebook: Number of Followers {Rhiza Labs}
  6. Nigerian tertiary students compete for the annual Imagine Cup. Along the way they will not only hone their tech skills but will also network on a global level:
    Software: Microsoft inspires young Nigerian developers {Business Day}
  7. The ‘WhatAboutUs?’ debate was a direct conversation with the Nigerian youth, inviting presidential candidates to answer questions posed by young Nigerians, at home and abroad, via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, SMS, email and video diaries:
    #WhatAboutUs? – Nigeria’s First Ever Youth-Focused Presidential Debate To Stream Live on YouTube {TechLoy}

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