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OA News: April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The Internet allows conference messages to be relayed to Africa within 24 hours instead of one month as before:
    Mormon Church giving members more Internet access {Mormon Times}
  2. There are still nearly 400,000 dial-up Internet users in South Africa. The number is steadily declining but will soon even out unless broadband providers change their strategy:
    Dial-up clings on despite broadband boom {}
  3. The upcoming political elections in Nigeria are relying on technology to encourage votes – especially from the large youth (and urban) demographic:
    Nigeria: Youth + technology = change {The Africa Report}
  4. Spurred on by 20% year-over-year mobile growth, Africa now boasts more mobile subscriptions than Europe:
    Africa passes Europe in mobile connections {IT News Africa}
  5. Rwanda will soon be enhanced on Google maps:
    Rwanda: Country Mapped On Google {Balancing Act}
  6. At the beginning of 2011, more than 80% of markets worldwide have separate ICT regulatory agencies, making for a total of 158 ICT regulators worldwide – up from 106 just one decade ago. Additionally, 92% of markets have competitive 3G mobile broadband markets:
    Effective ICT regulation critical {Biz Tech Africa}
  7. Help provide cheaper Internet and educational access for NGOs and the people of Kibera:
    Empower and educate youth in Kibera using ICT! {Global Giving}
  8. Intelsat’s satellite will eventually provide broadband Internet to small businesses and public service entities:
    New Dawn satellite launch postponed {Fin24}
  9. Rwanda’s national ICT plan, at its half-way point, has been reviewed:
    Committee Discusses National ICT Plan {The New Times via}
  10. Kenyan businesses, if they have addressed a Vision 2030 pillar, shoud apply for this award:
    Kenyans: Apply for the Vision 2030 ICT Innovation Awards {ICT Works }
  11. Find colorful African infographics galore from this new resource:
    Afrografique {Afrographique}
  12. A publication that takes a closer look at some selected territories across the region and explore if and how the new communication tools promote, deepen, and advance democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa:
    Befriending Voters And Arresting Activists {K-A-S}
  13. Everything you need to know about the state of Africa’s mobile industry (68 pages):
    Mobile Africa 2011 {MobileMonday}
  14. An article covering general ICT trends from Africa, including growth, investment, and regulatory reform:
    Africa’s rising information economy {Africa Renewal}
  15. Is Kenya ready to handle $7 billion in contracts to build the Konza super city? The tech hub would tie in to the nation’s Vision 2030 campaign:
    Silicon Savannah {Think Africa Press}
  16. Nigeria has more Opera browser users than the United States:
    Opera Users in Nigeria grows 90.3%, 7th in the world {Web Trends Nigeria}
  17. An evil of the Internet has been the faciliation of primate smuggling:
    Africa chimp smuggling: conservationists call for action {Channel 4}

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