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OA News: April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Cyber security is becoming more important as more people get online. In this case, the problem has existed for some time on the global scale but has not been noticed in South Africa until recently:
    SA falls prey to Gmail hacks {ITWeb}
  2. EASSy will be tested this week:
    Tanzania tests fibre optic cable {East African Business Week}
  3. Research suggests that close to 3m new broadband connections were added by African operators in 2009, taking overall market size to 7.6 million:
    African Broadband Market Size to Triple by 2015, Mobile Broadband to Dominate, According to AfricaNext Investment Research {PRWeb}
  4. Various apps and their potential benefits:
    Mobile app developers tackle Africa’s biggest problems {CNN International}
  5. Zimbabwe is facing a Wi-Fi craze:
    Wi-Fi — Man’s New Best Friend? {TMCnet}
  6. Hospitals are tracking ambulances and viewing daily health reports from all around the country thanks to ICT developments:
    MoH Boosts Use of ICT {TMCnet}
  7. An excellent analysis of unanswered fiber optic questions regarding landing stations and routing issues and costs:
    The Imminent Arrival of ‘Fibre Heaven’ Spoiled by a Number of Nagging Questions {Balancing-Act via allAfrica}
  8. Electricity is the most fundamental physical aspect driving modern ICT:
    Without ‘Real’ Electricity, Forget ICT {The East African via allAfrica}

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