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OA News: April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Saving up to a few seconds of typing per search, the feature (which requires a Google account) will soon be available in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Uganda:
    Google Instant launched in South Africa {myBroadband}
  2. Video on how Rwanda has become tech-savvy, with a focus on Kigali:
    Kigali’s ICT Hub {CNNi}
  3. Will be in South Africa – not Senegal:
    Sentech rural wireless broadband full steam ahead {myBroadband}
  4. Socioeconomic barriers interfere with aspirations. Published in the International Journal of Communication:
    Exploring mobile-only internet use: results of a training study in urban South Africa {Microsoft Research}
  5. Can social media and the ICT that powers it have any discernible effects on other parts of the continent, specifically Sub-Saharan Africa during a year of 17 elections? A new project in the works:
    Social Media, ICT, and 2011 Elections in Africa {The African File}
  6. will be running a blog series on African innovation and technology, focusing on themes like mHealth and crisis mapping. The stat “for every 10 percent increase in broadband Internet penetration, there is 1.38 percent in additional GDP growth in developing countries” was widely shared yesterday:
    Introducing our new mini-series, ‘Digital Africa’ {}
  7. On Twitter and its ability to influence African science policy:
    Africa Analysis: Science going social {SciDev}

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