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OA News: April 18-20, 2011

April 20, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Summary of various 2010 ITU stats highlighting how there are more mobile and Internet users in developing nations than in developed nations:
    Positive broadband signs from developing world {BizTech Africa}
  2. The organization is committed to enabling ICT access for women:
    Computer Aid receives award for supporting girls in Kenya to gain careers in ICT {Computer Aid International}
  3. Safaricom, Huawei and Xinhua News Agency create a daily MMS publication, touted as the ‘fifth media’:
    Completely mobile newspaper launches in Africa {GoMo News}
  4. Two years later, SEACOM is busy rolling out its IP platform which will allow direct routing between African countries (data will no longer need to go through Europe in these cases):
    SEACOM drives internet growth in Africa {IT News Africa}
  5. A widely-covered story of government censorship:
    Ugandan Government To Order Blocking of Facebook, Twitter To Quash Protests {Fast Company}
  6. The expansion of digital media has been limited by the Ethiopian government:
    Ethiopia: Threat to Internet Freedom, Freedom House Report {}
  7. Twitter, Facebook, and text messages are sharing post-election information around Nigeria:
    Social Media Play Big Role in Nigeria’s Elections {VOA News}
  8. The operator has doubled its maximum speed to 43.2MBps – still short of true 4G – but quick nonetheless:
    Vodacom launches faster internet {memeburn}
  9. A Kenyan newspaper pontificates on the chance the Kenyan government would ever censor its media:
    Let us act fast to stave off gag bid on free Internet {Business Daily}
  10. A run-down of African mobile statistics using a variety of sources. Attention is given to South Africa, Kenya, and apps:
    Opportunities in Africa’s mobile space as mobile connections exceed Western Europe {TheNextWeb}
  11. Research recommends that Internet become available in public schools. An interview with the Director of Information and Documentation at the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology:
    Make internet available in public schools {The Citizen}
  12. G-Ghana:
    Google holds developer and tech confab in Accra {Joy Online}
  13. The open-access long-haul terrestrial fibre optic broadband network in South Africa will connect to international landing points in late-2012:
    National fibre optic network development on schedule {MoneyWeb}
  14. Tanzania initiates ICT policy before Rwanda. Rwanda uses some of Tanzania’s ideas and implements plan first. Result: Rwanda is now ahead of Tanzania in terms of ICT:
    Implement ICT policy {The Citizen}
  15. A five-day workshop in Kigali aims at establishing efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories network:
    Regional ICT Forum Opens in Kigali {The New Times via allAfrica}
  16. Rhapta City will be based in a marquee location and is scheduled to break ground mid-this year:
    Public-private agreement set to establish ICT park {The Citizen}
  17. WACS landed successfully on Tuesday at Yzerfontein in Western Cape:
    High-speed broadband cable lands in Cape Town {The New Age}
  18. The report examines internet freedom in 37 countries around the globe. The study’s findings indicate that the threats to internet freedom are growing and have become more diverse:
    Freedom on the Net 2011 {Freedom House}

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