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OA News: April 20-22, 2010

April 23, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The number of mobile subscribers in Kenya is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 15% during 2010-2013:
    Kenya – Mobile Industry Poised for Strong Growth {ComputerWorld}
  2. Guinea receives a new ISP:
    Gateway expands presence in Guinea and Senegal {Times Live}
  3. Efficiency at its best:
    Portable Solar Powered Internet Café For Rural African Communities {PRLog}
  4. A South African national will take the position in a couple of months:
    Google SA country head quits {}
  5. Symantec’s latest report puts South Africa at #43 on the list:
    SA climbs cyber crime rankings {ITWeb}
  6. Legislation for a national ICT bill is moving through the governing bodies of Zimbabwe:
    Country Aims for ‘Knowledge Society’ With ICT Bill { via allAfrica}
  7. The Chinese company responsible for one of Uganda’s fiber optic projects will conduct an audit:
    Huawei Now Ordered to Fix Fibre-Optic Errors {The East African via allAfrica}
  8. Expect to hear more about this initiative in the coming months:
    We Will Prioritise E-Learning Initiative, Says Minister {Daily Trust via allAfrica}
  9. Online sales are made difficult by a generally poor web browsing experience across the nation of Nigeria:
    IT Marketers Groan Under Poor Internet Connections {Vanguard via allAfrica}
  10. The code breaking exercises involve thousands of competitors from around the world:
    Thirty Africans Set for Google World {Vanguard via allAfrica}
  11. Zimbabwe now has an additional $6 million to connect to an undersea cable:
    Country Set for Dramatic Boost in Internet Speed {SW Radio Africa via allAfrica}
  12. African nations did not rank very high on the recent UN e-Government Survey 2010, but this does not mean e-government is non-existant:
    Welcome to the Future – E-Government 2.0 {Business Daily via allAfrica}

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