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OA News: April 21-24, 2011

April 24, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Facebook user statistics probably are an accurate description of how many Africans go online. After all, traditional Internet stats assume an Internet is subscription is utilized by anywhere from 5-10 individuals:
    Africa’s Facebook explosion – user numbers double in many countries in just seven months {Balancing Act}
  2. Read a framework document for the upcoming forum:
    The Africa Internet Governance Forum – AFIGF {AFIGF}
  3. Samsung is partnering with the University of Cape Town for a three-year mobile app project:
    Mobile technology for Africa {Africa The Good News}
  4. Namibia’s power utility donated ICT equipment to schools:
    Namibia: ICT Can Improve Learning {Portal to Africa}
  5. A video interview with the founded of an IT business in Ghana:
    Web4Africa {}
  6. Come to Cameroon and work with tech entrepreneurs!
    Fellow {ActiveSpaces}
  7. The Kenya Copyright Board begins an intensive campaign:
    Kenya fighting software piracy {IT News Africa}
  8. How do we create sustainable ICT projects? Homegrown solutions area ideal and can be funded externally, but must be ultimately adopted by local governments or institutions:
    ICTworks Interview with Eva Kagiri of eCAP East Africa on ICT Sustainability {ICT Works}
  9. In what order should governments prioritize Internet, health, education? What percentage of the population cares about the Internet?
    Ghana going online: Internet as a human right? {Toronto Star Blog}
  10. Most youth use Internet cafes to further their positions in life, but recreational sites still draw their share of users:
    Internet’s Fantasy, Porn Sites Hook Youths {Zimbabwe Independent via TMC}
  11. Economically, Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to perform well in 2011 and 2012, with economies expanding by 5.5-6%:
    Latest IMF outlook remains bullish on Sub-Saharan Africa {How We Made it in Africa}

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